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When I started to re-use my Atari in 1998 only limited information was available on the net and most of the sites where either not maintained or disappearing. Today (in 2018) the situation has changed drastically and a lot of new projects and new sites are coming out. As amazing as it may seem the popularity of the Atari seems to be growing every year just check activities on forums like Atari-Forum.

Here is a short list of few active projects I am following:

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The Organization of my Atari Site

My Atari site is organized around three major sections plus a page that links to some intereting sites:

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About Me (English)

Hello and welcome to this section of my site which is dedicated to Atari ST computers.
DrCoolZic is a pseudonym and my real name is Jean Louis-Guerin.

I have started to use Atari computers back in the 80's! Initially I bought one for playing games and to control my musical instruments through the midi interface. I have always been passionate by technical matters and made my career as a hardware & software engineer. I have therefore searched technical information about the Atari and over time I have accumulated a lot of documentation and a certain knowledge about Atari machines... I have decided to spend some of my time to share this knowledge in this site. As there are already many sites about the Atari I have tried to only publish original information…
Unfortunately for French speaking people this part of my site as well as all my documents about the Atari are written in English to reach people from all over the world. As English is not not my native language please forgive me for bad English or mistakes

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A mon Sujet (Français)

Bonjour et bienvenue dans cette section de mon site qui est dédié aux ordinateurs Atari ST.
DrCoolZic est un pseudonym et mon vrais nom est Jean Louis-Guérin.

J' utilise des ordinateurs Atari depuis les années 80 ! Le premier que j'ai acheté c'était pour pour les jeux et pour contrôler mes instruments de musique électronique en midi. La "technique" étant ma passion, et mon métier, j'ai été amené assez rapidement à m'intéresser aux aspects techniques des Atari tant sur le plan logiciel que sur le plan matériel. J'ai donc accumulé, au fil du temps, pas mal de documentations et une certaine connaissance sur ces machines et j'ai donc décidé de consacré un peu de mon temps à partager ces informations. Comme il existe déjà de nombreux sites sur les Atari j'ai essayer d'apporter des informations originales sur ce site...
Malheuresement pour les Français, la section Atari du site est en Anglais afin de permettre la compréhension des documents par un maximum de personnes dans le monde . Deux exceptions: Les memoires et le demontage de l'Atari en Français dans le texte!

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