This page contains information about the SuperCard Pro board produced by CBMSTUFF.COM

The long awaited successor to the famous SuperCard series released by Utilities Unlimited is here!  This device lets you duplicate 5.25” or 3.5” floppy disks.  This device can also can make image files for storage.  With it’s 25ns flux capture resolution, SuperCard Pro offers nearly double the resolution of other flux copiers!With it’s easy to use software, you don’t have to be a computer wiz or deal with command line interfaces!  Simply select the type of disk you want to backup and press START!

This is related to the subject of Atari FD protection and to preservation. For more generic information on this subject please refer to my Atari Floppy Disk Preservation page.

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My experience with the SuperCard Pro board

You can buy the SuperCard Pro board from their webstore. The product was shipped from the US to my home in France very quickly without problem.

Getting the board up and running was quick and easy following the Users guide. I have tested the host drivers on Windows 8 64 bits edition and I did not experienced any problem during installation (make sure you run the install program as an administrator). I was able to do my first imaging of an Atari FD using the SCP program almost immediately after the driver installation. Note that at the time of this writing the software is still in beta and few things are not yet fully implemented.

As usual you have to be very careful when connecting the floppy disk data cable. Often this kind of cable uses keyed connectors, but the connector on the board does not accept keyed cable. Therefore you cant use a cable that has pin 3 hole filled. Old cables that have connectors for both 3 1/2" and 5.25" drive should work. Look for the marked wire (usually red) that indicates pin 1 of the connector. You have to make sure that this pin is connected to pin 1 on the floppy drives connector (pin numbers are usually indicated on the printed circuit board - see pictures).


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